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Gain an understanding of the foundational aspects of the Lean Six Sigma Methodology.


This course offers professionals with foundational knowledge of the Lean Six Sigma methodology and some experience working with simple projects and supporting improvement projects as part of a team.


Who is Lean Six Sigma for?


Lean Six Sigma is aimed at professionals wishing to understand and apply the Lean Six Sigma principles and instruments in order to work effectively with, or as a member of, a process improvement team. Lean Six Sigma is suitable for: Improvement Managers, Operational Line Managers, Team Managers, Project Managers, Programme Managers, Change Managers, Finance Managers, IT Managers, HR Managers


Lean Six Sigma Yellow Belt key learning objectives:


1.0 Define Phase

1.1 The Basics of Six Sigma

1.2 The Fundamentals of Six Sigma

1.3 Selecting Lean Six Sigma Projects

1.4 The Lean Enterprise


2.0 Measure Phase

2.1 Process Definition

2.2 Six Sigma Statistics

2.3 Measurement System Analysis

2.4 Process Capability


3.0 Analyze Phase (Not covered)


4.0 Improve Phase (Not covered)


3.0 Control Phase

3.1 Lean Controls

3.2 Six Sigma Control Plans


Holders of Lean Six Sigma - IASSC® Certified Yellow Belt™ are required to be re-certified within 3 years from their original certification.

    Lean Six Sigma IASSC® Certified Yellow Belt ™ ICYB™

    • Course length is 26 hours ... 100% self-paced. 

      1 year access to E-Learning.  

      100 % Self-Paced with unlimited email access to certified MBB instructor.

      Assignments are graded by certified MMM