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Gain a thorough understanding of all intermediate topics of the Lean Six Sigma Method.


This module offers professionals with a intermediate understanding of the Lean Six Sigma method and some experience working in more complex projects a way to lead improvements projects.


Who is Lean Six Sigma for?


Lean Six Sigma is aimed at professionals wishing to understand and apply the Lean Six Sigma principles and instruments in order to work effectively with, or as a member of, a process improvement team. Lean Six Sigma is suitable for: Improvement Managers, Operational Line Managers, Team Managers, Project Managers, Programme Managers, Change Managers, Finance Managers, IT Managers, HR Managers

Lean Six Sigma Green Belt key learning objectives:


1.0 Define Phase
1.1 The Basics of Six Sigma
1.2 The Fundamentals of Six Sigma
1.3 Selecting Lean Six Sigma Projects
1.4 The Lean Enterprise


2.0 Measure Phase
2.1 Process Definition
2.2 Six Sigma Statistics
2.3 Measurement System Analysis
2.4 Process Capability


3.0 Analyze Phase
3.1 Patterns of Variation
3.2 Inferential Statistics
3.3 Hypothesis Testing
3.4 Hypothesis Testing with Normal Data
3.5 Hypothesis Testing with Non-Normal Data


4.0 Improve Phase
4.1 Simple Linear Regression
4.2 Multiple Regression Analysis
4.3 Designed Experiments
4.4 Full Factorial Experiments
4.5 Fractional Factorial Experiments


5.0 Control Phase
5.1 Lean Controls
5.2 Statistical Process Control (SPC)
5.3 Six Sigma Control Plans


Holders of Lean Six Sigma - IASSC® Certified Green Belt™ are required to be re-certified within 3 years from their original certification.

    Lean Six Sigma IASSC Certified Green Belt | ICGB™

    • Course length is 80 hours ... 100% self-paced. 

      1 year access to E-Learning.  

      100 % Self-Paced with unlimited email access to certified MBB instructor.

      Graded assignments

    • Terms & Conditions:

      This is an eLearning Training Courses:

      • eLearning courses are available for the following 365 days after registration.

      • Students who do not complete the online course within this time will not be refunded or issued a credit regardless of how much of the course was completed.  You may purchase an extension at a discount. You may contact us directly for extension prices.

      • If requested, An electronic certificate (PDF) of completion is given to all students who complete the eLearning course and the final exam at the end of the course with a passing rate of 70% or higher.

      • You must pass the IASSC certification exam for your respective Lean Six Sigma Belt to become certified by IASSC. 


      • Any student who cancels within 7 days of purchasing and will be refunded in full.

        For information on cancellation, please contact us at or (404) 793-0778.

      • After 7 days of purchasing, the tuition is non-refundable regardless of whether you have logged into the course or not.


      • My Six Sigma Trainer provides unlimited email support.  Support requests should be submitted to

      • Expect a turnaround time of 24 to 72 hours for responses plus extra time for additional items that are to be delivered as an outcome of the support request.


      • MINITAB SOFTWARE is encouraged to complete the course exercises.  Students may purchase the software directly from or subscribe to the trial version at

      • Minitab is not allowed on the IASSC Certification Exam.  A formula sheet is provided.


      • Our training courses are designed to prepare you to take the IASSC Certification Exam.

      • owned by CEO INITIATIVES LLC does not guarantee to pass the certification exam and assumes no responsibility for an individual’s failure of the pass test.  If you follow the program as outlined, commit to the prescribed number of study hours, complete all exercises, assignments and practice as part of completing the course, you should have no trouble passing the certification.

      • If purchased, the IASSC exam voucher is provided to the student upon request once they have completed the course and pass the final exam.


      • Payment plans are available upon request.

      • For online training courses that include the IASSC Exam Voucher, you will receive access to the online training course immediately and then receive the IASSC Exam Voucher at the time payment is received in full for customers opting for the payment plan.

      • If you have any questions about our return policy, please contact us at or (404) 793-0778.


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